Using Vidmate to Stream and Download Videos

Android video viewing and downloading is expanding with the increased use of these devices for watching movies and TV shows. This increase in use has created a need for a fast way to access and view the videos that are available online. Vidmate is an option that works very well for this purpose and much more.

It is an android application that is ideal for video content viewing and streaming online. The application detects different download links from the user’s browser while the user is browsing and offers the option of viewing the content using the application for better user experience and enjoyment. The application is the best for video streaming as it reduces glitches in the watching process that may happen because of an unreliable network. It offers a continuous and uninterrupted viewing experience.

The application is not only for streaming. It can be used to download movies, songs and videos from different sites online. It is a fast downloader and offers a lot of options for the user during downloading.

A user can select the format in which content is to be downloaded in, including the HD formats. The storage location of the content is changeable, which means you can choose your internal storage or SD card depending on where you have more space. It is also easy to delete files after viewing them to free up space.

The user can pause downloads and resume them from where they had progressed to. One can delete downloads midway and restart a download if the speed is too slow or the file gets corrupted. The application allows users to enjoy great download speeds of large video files, and proper storage for the data downloaded.


This application is one of the best apps that one can use on an Android device.